Feb 13 2013
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My vita has an issue with playing Background Music

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I've been playing PS all stars battle royale for the vita and im extremely addicted too it. I once turned off the background music in PS All stars so I could fight while listening to custom music,so I went to options,put volume to zero and fought. Afterwards,I put the volume back up and played it regularly. Every once in a while however, the background automatically turns off. In the options menu it still says Background music is at 100 percent,but I hear absolutely Nothing.  The only way to put music back on is too restart the vita.

Now however this same issue is affecting my other games. I tried playing sly Cooper **bleep**, and it was quiet!  I restarted it,sound came back for 30 minutes and then turned off again! The same goes with all my games. Uncharted, Gravity rush,AC Liberation, EVERYTHING.

What on earth do I do?

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Re: My vita has an issue with playing Background Music

Feb 13, 2013

Is the Vita music app running at the same time as the games?

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