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Apr 16 2013
By: ChrisInfurna Splicer 80 posts

PS Vita: Problems Came Quick

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I got a PS Vita on Saturday (April 13), from Best Buy and got a 1 year damage (etc.) coverage. Everything is good and I absolutely love it, except, I ran into 2 problems which I'm not quite sure why it has happened or how to fix them. 


1. I go into the PSN Store and download a game. It downloads. Then when I try to download another game (or app), it gets stuck at "Preparing to download." I then hit cancel and can't do nothing. The "download" icon is blinking and the background sounds/music still works, its just that nothing responds. So I am then forced to restart the Vita. I can only download games or apps, etc. by restarting by Vita in between each download. This is consistent.


2. The day after, on Sunday, I hit the power button (not turning it off). Though, when I went back to it, it ws stuck. There was still the blue light, which was NOT flashing. I couldn't do anything and had to reset (by holding power button for 30 sec). 


Are these normal problems? 

Is there a way to fix them? 

Should I give it in to Best Buy to check? 

What do I do? 



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Lombax Warrior
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Re: PS Vita: Problems Came Quick

Apr 16, 2013

take it back to best buy....thats not normal

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PlayStation MVP
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Re: PS Vita: Problems Came Quick

Apr 16, 2013

I have had some funky things with stand-by and power when my Vita battery is extremely low.  Make sure it has a descent charge, or try plugging the charger in and see if that helps.



I have had some isolated "preparing to download" problems myself.  Try resetting your internet connection/modem.  Also, if this happened yesterday, the PSN was under maintenance for part of the day and could have been causing the problem.

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