Jan 03 2014
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Panoramic view for ps vita spinning

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I'm not sure if this goes here..


A few days ago my panoramic view with my ps vita has become weird.

Every time I go into a scene or gameplay where there is a panoramic view, the screen spins around infinitely.


For example, Gravity Rush's comic scenes, Soul sacrifice - out of the book or the Panoramic camera on the ps vita.

I got this vita a little over a month and I'm not really sure what to do. I've resetted my ps vita and it stil does not work. I've searchd on google and i cant find any good info regarding the problem. I've only dropped the PS vita once but that was like weeks before the problem occurred so I'm very confused as to why this happened.


Pleaes help!

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Re: Panoramic view for ps vita spinning

Jan 3, 2014
i have the same issue and i didn't dropled my psv, have you found something yet?
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Re: Panoramic view for ps vita spinning

Jan 4, 2014

it sounds like something is wrong with your gyro controls.  Try holding down the power button for 30 seconds to enter recovery mode, then choose rebuild dattabase.  You should backup any saves before doing this.  after thats complete try it again.  This isnt the same thing as reformatting the system and is designed to fix any software errors, if this doesnt work it is probably a hardware issue.

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