Feb 07 2013
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Vita ps3

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 where is my game streaming for my ps3 to my Vita that's why I got one and not lbp2 one full year and we get lbp2 **bleep** Sony do you need help finding things to save the ps name well here is idea do what you say and give us Vita ps3 playability

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Re: Vita ps3

Feb 8, 2013

It's already here, for the games whose publishers have had certified for Remote Play on the Vita.  The God of War Collection works. I've played it.  So does the Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection, and God of War Origins. If course, all of those are ports of PS2 or PSP games, so they were pretty much guaranteed to work fine with Remote Play if anything would.  Some other PS3 games work too, but not very many.  Most game publishers don't see much benefit in spending more money to have games that they are no longer selling tested for Remote Play compatibility on the Vita.  That doesn't make the publisher any more money.  It will help Sony sell more Vitas, but game publishers don't make any money on Vita sales, so they don't care. At this point most of them have few, if any, games published on the Vita; so selling Vitas is Sony's problem as far as they are concerned. Even for new games that are still selling, publishers are not convinced that Vita Remote Play compatibility will sell enough extra copies of their game to cover the certification cost.  Sony isn't desperate enough to sell Vitas to pay the cost of certifying third-party games, or even certify all of its own titles for Remote Play. Sony would rather spend the money making more Vita games. Not enabling streaming of PS3 games. If playing PS3 games on the Vita is what you purchased your Vita for, then you may have made a mistake by buying one.

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Re: Vita ps3

Feb 12, 2013

Sorry it 4 games not 1 still 1 year you had i fell if you buy Sony your getting ripped off simple got the move its nice to know my 100 buck is put to good use LOL come on its not hard to plez your fans that gave you there money in believing that you would deliver and its nice to that it was just a broken promise to use to get your money good one Sony SHIP UP or SHIP OUT

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