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Aug 15 2013
By: Ankou_22 First Son 1 posts

RDR freezes in Multiplayer

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hello guys

i have a problem with RDR. So it started about a week ago, when the game loaded textures very slow and frezed sometimes.

But since some days now, i cannot enjoy playing the game anymore. Whenever i play Multiplayer and i approach other players or they come to me,  the PS3 just freezes, it really is no coincidence, it happens whenever other players are around. Often it also happens that i am completly alone and no other players are there.

i tried reinstalling RDR completly and deleting all save files, but it didnt work. The game works fine on Singleplayer  however, it really only is affected by Multiplayer. the disk has no scratches. The only other MP game i tried was GTAIV and it seems to work fine, no freezing.

anyone have a idea whats going on? Is my PS3 broken?

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