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Re: Don’t buy the DLC

Mar 23, 2009

Omega51 wrote:

Like I said before and in other post. We have good and BS DLC. Charging for a mode that is a standard among games is BS. Paying for using models that are already made in a new mode is BS.
Paying for an Online competitive mode that only supports 4 players...
Rockstar got it right with the DLC. An extra 10h experience added to the story. New characters and new online modes.


Yes. For $10 you can get another 10 hour experience. New content for modes that already exists (campaign mode and online MP). By your own words, that should be BS. They are charging for what you call "a standard among games is BS" so which is it? why is GTA doing it "right" and RE5 isn't?


Further, any argument that says "multi-player modes are standard" i'm just going to ignore, because that's not true. Saying something like "controller input is standard for video games" I can agree with. But nowhere is it written that every video game has to have MP.


I think where people are getting confused is that RE5 DOES have SOME MP modes - co-op campaign and co-op Mercenaries. But that doesn't automatically mean it HAS to have other MP modes. Why aren't people complaining that Killzone 2 only has ONE MP mode?? It should be "standard" to include ALL of them, right?

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Ummm...Did you read anything I wrote? Any of it? Just a bit?

Lets take a look again at what I was saying.
Rockstars DLC added a new story to the game with a new cast of characters.
About a 10 hour experience (the same amount of time it took me to beat RE5 my first time)
New character models with new voice acting. Extras added to the MP mode and more.
Great DLC in my eyes. Don’t you think?

Now over to RE5.
2 new modes. Add 2 more people to play with in mercenaries and a 4 player VS mode (2on2 or 1on1)
The maps you have. The characters you have and one of the modes you have (just missing the 2 extra people) Your telling me they couldn't of just added the 2 more people?

Ok so that's why Rockstart did it right and Capcom is not.
Don’t you think it may be common sense to add a competitive mode to a game that can be completely played co-op in campaign and mercenaries?

The multiplayer being almost a standard in next-gen games is stated by numerous companies, not us.
So it is true! Not saying every game needs to have an MP. Just that its almost a standard that games do have one. Army of two a full co-op game like RE5. It has a competitive mode. Makes sense.
And to answer your question. Yes people complained about Killzone not having a co-op mode.
They may not have one but they have a 32 player online mode with many character classes, customization and many maps. For free.
Co-op is slowly becoming a standard as well. Can’t you see that.
How many games are now coming out with a co-op mode?
Cant you people see why we are complaining? Its not the $5.

You people keep bringing up all these other games that were created as a single player experience to go against what we are trying to say. Like Uncharted. Explain to me how they would add co-op to that title.
Do you not realize the amount of work that would be needed to accomplish that task on a game designed the way that one is. First of all it would need to be completely redesigned and the story retold in a different way. Your damn right they would charge. It wouldn't be the same game.
But RE5 has an online foundation. They are just adding 2 more people to the existing game.

Think of this.
Other companies are going to see how well/bad this does.
If they see that many of you are willing to pay $5 for a 4 player competitive mode, that's using all of the ready made character models and environments. Then how much are you willing to pay for a 32 player online experience with all new maps and a customizable character?
Why would companies take the time to add an online mode to their game when they know now they can just sell it to us as DLC and charge whatever they want and simply say. “Well we gave you guys a full game its just an extra $$$”

Don’t try and tell me that wouldn't eventually happen.
If you own a company you want to make money. Why add a feature to the game when you now know people will pay for it if you just keep it out.
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Re: Don’t buy the DLC

Mar 23, 2009
is the dlc already out?
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