Mar 05 2013
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Rock Band 1 Export Code - Non-Existent? Need help locating.

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I have read so many forums tonight about people all over (Germany, London, Canada, USA, etc.) having this problem of not being able to find a working link to purchase a rock band 1 export code. 

Everyone has been pointing fingers at the PSN, Harmonix, even MTV.

People have tried posting links on forums, only to cause more frustration once the page has loaded and it says "We're sorry, the page you are looking for does not exist."

Nobody can seem to find a way to purchase or get a hold of the code that hadn't previously purchased it around the release of Rock Band 2. 

It has been confirmed that it is off of the on-console stores (like the PS3's) but some have said they have found it on the PC store.

I have found it on neither and  after 2 hours wasted of reading through forums and googling useless guides and only finding HOW to exchange the information but not how to purchase a code, i'm fed up with Sony and their lack of guidance/support in finding this seemingly non-existent code.




We are all shouting this to Sony but for whatever reason, they wont give us a link or any help on finding the code.




Any help on locating a place to purchase this code would be wonderful, I'm just trying to play all of my songs on one game (specifically Rock Band 2).

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Re: Rock Band 1 Export Code - Non-Existent? Need help locating.

Mar 5, 2013
There is widespread talk of the RB1 Export Key being missing from the Store.

As it stands, if you have an EU account, you can purchase the export key from the Store via a computer. If you are in the US, you can't purchase the export (believe me, I've tried looking for it).

It really is sad, cause RB1 has some really good songs on it. :smileysad:
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