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Nov 05 2012
By: Timaz987 First Son 10 posts

Chrono Cross on the ps3

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Hey yall, i've kinda of run into a problem or maybe its just a bug or glitch but i just went back to guldove after choosing not to save kid, the game told me that doc joined the party but i am not seeing him as a member when i use the teleporter on the world map.  has anyone else experienced this?

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Re: Chrono Cross on the ps3

Nov 5, 2012

I think that I chose to save Kid when playing through the game, so the option for Doc probably was not possible. However, going by what GameFAQs has on the subject, here's how to get Doc to join your party:


Taking the Doctor:
Choose not to save Kid.  Go to Guldove and go see Kid after saving the
Invincible and visiting the Burned-Out Hermit's Hideaway.
Level 7 Technique (HangTen):
Find the Medical Book in the Tower of Gheddon.  When you are able to have Doc in
your party, leave him out of your party and give him the Medical Book.

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