Apr 03 2012
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tired of looking for help

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Were R the metiators here. Sony says there here but I haven't seen anything yet, that has or can help, the gamers of Socom C A. I realize that the ps2 is dead but come on. We R being bashed out here in socom ca. Even with codes U don't stand a chance here to play a full game or even be able to lobby rat. I have had my id hacked and my little guy stolen. I have been ban, friend flooded offline for weeks and bullied by coders on the main server and in games. I've been froze disconnected.  Is the ppl who love this game going to have to find a attorneys who is willing to work on a class action case against this company to do there job. For crying out loud if U don't want to do it, get a few ppl who r on most of the time to monitor this game. I now I can only get to the universe and once there, its empty and i get a disconnect. Sony or whoever is responsible for these sites need to get it together and do there job.

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