Aug 28 2012
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Simple Business with a new Socom

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This is a simple message to Sony in hopes that they will realize the simple fact that they have an opportunity to make a lot of money, and in return make a lot of people happy.  First of all, I like all the thousands of fans on here have been playing Socom since the originals.  I literally only bought my Playstation 2 and 3 because of the Socom series.  I think that we can all agree that Socom 4 was not Socom. It was a basterdized version of COD, Battlefield, and Mag.


All of those games are great in their own right, but they are NOT Socom.  I understand why Zipper and Sony decided to go towards that type of gaming... because it simply sells.  They give players non-stop action, endless lives, and instant gratifications.  The problem with them is they are not what people love about Socom.  People love Socom because of the awesome platform, but the biggest thing is the ability of forming real relationships and importance of teamwork.  You have one life during a game!  It makes that life extremely important.  It forces people to think, react, and work as a team to protect each individual life.  A sacrifice in Socom actually means something because you are not going to come back to life.  It is actually essential to own and operate a mic because you actually need it.  You could vote people out because they weren't performing or communicating with their team.  Once again this makes your decisions more imperative.


Secondly, I want another real Socom -- as do THOUSANDS OF OTHERS.  Actually... no, we don't want it... we need it.  I've tried to buy games to fill the hole after you guys stopped monitoring Confrontation.  You can make a new Socom with the same exact type of game play, no vehicles, and same rooming services.  Or, you could remake Socom 2 for the PS3, which would be cheaper.  Regardless, the income you would get from that investment would be through the roof.


In closing, I hope you decided to do the Socom community right by creating a real Socom game.  I can't speak for other Socom players, but I've seriously considered boycotting every other PS3 game because I can't regain the thrill.  I probably won't buy the next generation of Playstation unless this installment is continued the correct way.  If I do, it will not be because of gaming, but other perks, which will mean no continuous money from me.  It would be a wise investment that you will not regret.



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Re: Simple Business with a new Socom

Aug 29, 2012
This message is prefect. If only they would read what we have to say.

Something you mentioned here that I never really thought about is this "A sacrifice in Socom actually means something because you are not going to come back to life.  It is actually essential to own and operate a mic because you actually need it."

With SOCOM, once we're dead in a round we strategize on winning the next round, we complain of what should have been done, we congradulate on efforts, ect. These are the things that forced me and plenty others to bring the friends we made along with us to the PS3 only to see that there would NEVER (even 7 years into the life of the PS3) be another game like ANY of the SOCOMs from the PS2 console. Nothing compares. I wouldn't trade the hours spent on SOCOM because these are friends that I speak to everyday still. My families know these guys as if we all grew up together.

I own the 7.1 Sony Stereo Headset but I don't use it unless my boys and I want to discuss our personal lives outside of BF3, COD or these PS3 SOCOMs that we play a hour or two before boredom sets in (unlike the sun up to sun down days we spent on the PS2 SOCOMs). No one communicates on winning in today's shooters. Whatever happened?

Oh the time we (Ask Bout Us) spent climbing the GB ladders trying to bring down "AniMoSitY" and trying to keep "CheckMate" in reach or behind us.

This is what we need SONY. What do we have to do to get you guys to give us our old SOCOM back?
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