Aug 30 2012
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Project Takedown

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Socom fans how's it going!? Probably pretty poopy because our fanbase is probably the least taken care of lol. I've been doing some research looking for games out there that can almost give us a Socom experience (no, I'm not talking about Counter Strike.) For those of you who think that Counter Strike has anything in common with a REAL Socom game, you have lost your mind. I found a project they are working on called Takedown. They have done a kickstarter for it and have reached their goal to get an Alpha for the game going. A LOT of Socom fans contributed to getting the project going. Including the ever most popular Sukmyturban. (I'm not saying that he contributed money; he may or may not have. But, I have seen his name a few different places on the website.) They reached a pledge of $221,834: with a goal of $200,000. Here's the link to the website: The developers name is Christian Allen. There is some info about him on the website but I'll put some of it on here so you guys can get an idea. "Christian Allen is an experienced AAA game designer and creative director. Prior to founding Serellan LLC, Christian served as Lead Designer, Creative Director, and Design Director of several AAA game projects for Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment, Microsoft, Bungie, and Warner Bros. Games. Christian’s titles include the award-winning Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Halo: Reach. Titles he has contributed to have shipped over 15 million units, and earned over 20 “Game of the Year” awards in various categories."


Visit the website and do some recon: see what you think! Maybe this game will bring back everything we want and then some! Take care!

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