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Re: "SOCOM HD: Legacy Edition" The Blueprint for Zipper to build on...

Jan 7, 2013

Hey, I like your idea here. But, if a return to the addictive experience of the PS2 SOCOMs is what you want, then a lot of these other features are overkill or self-defeating.


  • S4 graphics + 3D Nah, just a simple upgrade.
  • S1/S2 Game mechanics enhanced with a better physics engine Just the S2 mechanics (they're already the best).
  • 25 mission SP w/ Gold trophy for stealth killing every enemy in the entire game on elite also alternate endings Well, okay, but not vital unless it helps Sony's sales figures.
  • Full 25 mission CO-Op campaign separate that of SP See above.
  • Traditional S1-CA TPV camera Yep.
  • Lobbies Yep.
  • S3 search mechanics Okay, but S2's system was the perfect combination of simlicity and effectiveness.
  • 50-75 Mp maps Fireteam bravo maps included Nah, that's overkill.
  • Every character skin from S1-S4 and FTB 1- 3 See above.
  • Prone roll Okay, but not vital.
  • Duck Lean or prone should suffice.
  • Free dpad lean Yep.
  • jump to climb Yep.
  • dive to prone Yep.
  • grenade arc Yep.
  • Clan Ladder system with Day , Night, weekend seasons with playoffs. Just the S2 system would be great.
  • 1 3 or 5 map clan wars agreed upon by clan leaders and selected at random On-the-fly style worked fine.
  • Confrontation Weapons customization minus super modded weapons ie Vera Tilly, Gladys Nah. Keep it simple.
  • Pistols Yep.
  • No Dual Primaries Agreed.
  • All games modes: Demolition, Breach, Escort, Extraction, Convoy, Control Points, Elimination, Suppression, Last Defense, Uplink, Bomb Squad. I didnt play FTB series but if ihad different modes add those too. Nah, but if it helps sales and server traffic, then Sony may want to do that.
  • Every map specifically catered or altered to one game mode in mind like S1-S2 to ensure true individuality and uniqueness of the maps. No more playing Crossroads Breach.... Yep.
  • 50+ weapons Well, okay.
  • Various weapon accessories and gear items Might as well just play S3–S4.
  • Ranked Respawn tailored after the Traditional SOCOM MP. Nah, but it might be great for Sony's goal of getting historically non-SOCOM gamers aboard.
  • Separate stats for ranked and non ranked Classic games Overkill. See above.
  • Also separate stats for ranked respawn and non ranked respawn games See above two.
  • Video match recording ala UC and COD Not vital, but great idea!
  • In game player abuse report system Good idea, if audio/video proof is required for perma-ban.
  • Individual medleys ala Breach Med, Demo Med, Escort med etc etc Yep.
  • S4 stat collection setup Okay, but S2's was adequate.
  • Push to talk If you mean S1–CA style, then yep!
  • Proximity Chat No thanks. Might as well play Confrontation.
  • Detailed in game score board Sure, maybe a hybrid of S1's & S2's. Or just S2's.
  • S1-S2 enhanced HUD Yep. S2's scrolling HUD was actually legible, and simply the best.
  • Picking up any gear off of dead bodies regardless of what you carry as long as a slot is open. Yep.
  • Lobby Text chat along with audio Yep.
  • Push to talk audible signals for grabbing the mics Yep, to denote who is talking. Again, S2's was best.
  • Alpha Bravo Charlie alternate channels tap to talk down on the dpad for secondary channel Okay, or just S2's offense, defense, and open.
  • Custom Taunts Yep, but not vital.
  • Fully Customizable Controls Yep. S2's was the last vital upgrade of alternate button configs.


It's hard enough to get a developer to bust their rear ends on this already-tedious and risky project. We'll need to stick to the meat and potatoes, with few extra side items. Keep it simple and keep it SOCOM.


Everything after SOCOM II was a step into The Twilight Zone.
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Re: "SOCOM HD: Legacy Edition" The Blueprint for Zipper to build on...

Jan 29, 2013
Dean Hall of Bohemia Interactive can save the socom world and bring back the fine details from socomII. Just play DayZ, or Arma 2. It felt almost like playing a socom like game. Just imagine if Sony were put them at the helm for.a.socom 5, or that socom legacy you mention?! I know for a fact that this guy is EXACTLY what the socom series needs.
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Re: "SOCOM HD: Legacy Edition" The Blueprint for Zipper to build on...

Feb 22, 2013

Sony's plans for the SOCOM series on PS4 will probably determine if I pick one up one or not. I've already skipped over getting a PS3 due to sub-par SOCOM titles. They need a true sequel to SOCOM 1 and 2 with similar game mechanics (just make the character movement and animations more fluid) and with most of the old maps - just updated visuals and UI / community features. PS4 will already be tailored for social gaming out of the box though, so it shouldn't even be that difficult to facilitate good clans/ match making/ leaderboards.

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