Aug 20 2012
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Need friends for Sniper Elite V2 for mp trophies.

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If you have Sniper Elite V2 and are willing to play with me online to get the online trophies please add me!  I'm soo close to platting it that I figured I may as well get it done now before it's impossible to find anyone to play with.


I basically need all the online trophies, have everything else.  I have a mic so we can communicate or shoot the breeze while we play.


Please add me and send me a message with Sniper Elite in it so I know what it's about PSN: Silentprocess


Or PM me and I'll add you.


Really appreciate it!

MAAN [Married And Always Nagged] Clan is recruiting, period. Also I NEED friends for Ghost Recon Coop/Guerilla/MP for trophies, will help you with trophies in return! Send me a friend invite with "Ghost Recon" in it.
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Re: Need friends for Sniper Elite V2 for mp trophies.

Jan 20, 2013
If you're still interested, I'll team with you. I just got it for Christmas and would like the trophies myself.
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