Feb 11 2013
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Silent Illusion Rebels now recruiting!

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We are a new clan looking to help get new players up on their feet and create a fun environment for gaming! Although all founding members are already acquainted with each other through other clans, we have pulled together alliances to kick some butt. We do not have a "main game" yet, we are experimenting with Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, and possibly soon enough Dust 514. We are only as of now a PS3 clan, we hope to expand into XBox further into the future.


To join, the only criteria you need to have is:

1) Be 18 years of age or above.

2) Not be in any other clan at the time (if you decide to join this clan, disband or leave your previous one).

3) If you do join, do not join any other clan during your career in SiR.  This will result in immediate removal upon notice.

4) You are willing to be active in the clan, and are willing to participate to make SiR better for new recruits after you.

5) Be respectful, don't mistreat or misbehave in game or on the clan page.  This will result in immediate removal upon decision of high ranking officers.

6) Must have a microphone.


It's that simple!  If you are interested in joining, visit to become a true rebel!


If you are needing assistance in applying, here are steps regarding this topic:

1) Click the link in the third paragraph.

2) In the top right corner, you will see the word "register", click it.

3) Fill out the application thoroughly and honestly, then send it (mentioning that you were recruited by 'YoGramGram' helps out a bunch, its a win-win situation!)

4) Your application will take a max amount of 8 hours (This is a worse case scenario, it will probably be accepted almost immediately.)


After you application is accepted, the best place to start off is in the forums (second square from the left on the main menu bar on the home page).  Go to 'General Discussion' and click on 'Introduce Yourself Here'.  Here you can do... Exactly what the title says, we can help steer you in the right direction from there.


Thanks for reading/possibly joining.  Tell your friends, tell your uncle, even tell your grandma!  We hope to see you in Silent Illusion Rebels soon!



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