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Jan 10 2000
By: Newbee~old First Son 2 posts

Space Invaders

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Just started using Play Station. Could use some help or hints on Space Invaders.
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RE: Space Invaders

Jan 11, 2000
what i always do is start on a side and knock off a colum at a time and then start sweeping the bottom if they get to low. Rember if you shoot 4 like aliens you get a special shot so read your book on what they do and hit triangle when you get one. But also rember not to conserve them to much cause you lose it when you fight the what the new aliens do or your gonna be in a for a little suprise. and when you get to earth make sure you buld up enough lives to fight the boss there who you need to shoot in the eyes(can be acheived when hes walk to by running in front of him-you'll know what i mean when you get there)
Check out the ps2undergroundchat at yahoo!
(enter that in the clubs search engine :smileyhappy: )
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