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Re: defiance

Mar 24, 2013
Starting a new character in the beta :smileyvery-happy: Also found the weirdest shotgun. It's a sawed-off that fires 2 sticky explosives that detonate after a few seconds. Just...beautiful.

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Re: defiance

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Mar 25, 2013

I actually upgraded to the ultimate gamestop edition

since amazon can't figure out if it will ship release day or not.

so I went for the biggie.  =)


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Re: defiance

Mar 26, 2013

BurnyShart wrote:
What a poor thing to offer when fps mmo is possible. . (Go play Mag. ..) when is sony going to shake these folks who are not gamers pushing business models instead of real games we will want to play and support?.
Battlefield 3 is another where last generation software poses as the equal of Mag's cloud based tech.
128vs128 is just the tip of mag's iceberg and we getting crap like dust514 defiance bf3?!?!?!?
Speak up and quit letting them tell us what we want because they are not smart enough to make anything better while leading sony on about what they are really doing.....making a paycheck till they get fired.

I completely agree with you on Defiance and Dust.


Both games I was hoping for something much more then I got.


Defiance seemed like a Resistance 2 coop/ Starhawk combination with a bit of MAG's customization, but it turned out to be a Borderlands clone, for the most part that is how it feels to me.  Lifeless, boring, repetitive and completely predictable AI, they never even tried to flank me or anyhting, its like they take turns attacking you so you dont get over whelmed, plus with the perk system if you ever do get in trouble just perk out of it.  These coop games need to have some teeth, you need to feel the risk of certain moves and be forced to plan your attack, from what i played you can just run and gun the whole time and never worry about dieing, I think I died once during the beta when I left the room to go get a drink.  I wanted it to be so good, and boy was I let down.


Dust I feel largely the same, its a shooter and the gunplay is boring as hell!!!  Shooting does not feel good in this game at all IMO.

The iron sites are so bad I just hip fired the whole time, with the bullet spread you much more likely to hit someone blind firing then aiming, LOL.  The graphics are much worse then MAG, and the player counts are no where near it.

I hate the microtransactions and pay to win style of Dust.  The need to constantly rebuy all your gear makes time spent inbetween action long and tedious.  With MAG there was respecing and then you were good to go until you wanted something different.

Dont force me to spend an hour in the in game store for every half an hour of game play.

Even the Eve integration seems like it cant really make this game appealing to me, But maybe in a couple years when it leaves the beta stage it will be worth a second look?


I have been more and more let down by the games coming out these days as the COD elephant is showing game devs that you do not have to put time or effort into your games, just hype them up and live off that.


Hawkfan267 wrote:
Seriously, there's just certain things that we must accept about the PS4. In time, it may get better, who knows.

dulun18 wrote:
**honestly if you still have your PS3.. and lot of games to go through.. there's no reason to jump onto the PS4 bandwagon just yet...
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