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Re: Are the new Silent Hill VAs really that bad?

Apr 8, 2012

Visually it really does nothing major, but the voice acting is way more noticeble.

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Re: Are the new Silent Hill VAs really that bad?

Apr 13, 2012

I haven't played the PS2 Silent Hill 3 for a long time but in the Ps3 SH3 I didn't htink the new voices were that bad..though some didn't sound convicing like CLaudia Wolf and Douglass.

All I know is that Vincent sounds like Yuri, the VA of Sasuke (english Naruto), The Prince(of Persia), Vierri Pazzi (Assassin's creed 2) and Patrokolos(Soul Cal 5) lol

In Silent Hill 2 the new voices weren't too bad, but original is always the best.

Although i've seen those early videos of the new VA of SH2, and in the video Maria in the cell sounds like man-chick if that makes sense? lol) but when I cames across that scene in my playthorugh she didn't sound 'manish' so idk if they re-did the voicing or something? :/

In new voice SH2, Eddie sounds like the voice actor of Garra (english Naruto) and War(Darksiders) lol

Also the only thing bad about the new voices is that they don't always match the script in the subtitles if anyone has noticed that.

And who knows what that 300mb update do for SH collection. It definately didn't fixed the frame drops for when you are running (particualry in open areas and especially in Fog streets) and the 4gb installation seems to not really help with the streaming much :/

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