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May 04 2013
By: JonathanCarabalo Lombax Warrior 212 posts

Silent Hill: Downpour specifications

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I've managed to obtain specifications for Silent Hill: Downpour:


Playstation 3 version:


1920 x 1080 native resolution

60 frames per second

32-bit textures, non-compressed

Trillinear filtering

About 5.2 million vertices per frame



640 x 480 mode

60 frames per second

32-bit textures, non-compressed

Anistropic filtering

About 5.2 million vertices per frame


This game offers remarkably high-quality image quality as a result:





Cell does the Transform and Lighting, the Geforce GPU does the texturing and rasterization.  Pretty good.  60 frames per second, with very high resolution, image quality, and filtering.  


The problem:

On the outside areas, the Geforce lags behind.  Not enough Graphics memory bandwidth to support non-compressed 32-bit textures at 1920 x 1080, 60 frames per second, and 4x AA when there is an outdoor expansive area, or in 640 x 480 mode with Anistropic Filtering.  Nevertheless - it does work in indoor areas - no noticeable lag.  


Thus - I fixed this problem for the Xbox 360 version.  That version runs smoother.  A simpler matter of lowering the texture resolution - and possibly using 4:1 texture compression.  You live and learn.  


Bringing me to my next point, why release on Xbox 360 too?  A simple principle, we don't want to have games which attempt to give us unfair advantages - it lowers the popularity of the console tremendously via infantile boundary mechanics.  But it was designed for Playstation 3.

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