Mar 31 2012
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Hyperkin microphones with SingStar?

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Dear all,

Hey there!  I have a big question regarding Singstar, particularly for the Playstation TWO.

Here's the deal.  I really wanted to play a good karaoke game, and Singstar got my vote as the best for PS2 (which I have.  NOT a PS3).  But I also saw that ABBA You can Dance is coming out for the Wii, so I wanted to try to find some kind of universal microphone that would work across many systems.

After lengthy searching, I found the Hyperkin(tm) Sing-Along Gaming Microphones and purchased them.  They claim to be compatible with the PS2, PS3, Wii, XBox360, AND PC.  They come with long cables and traditional 3.5 mono plugs (for old-fashioned mic jacks) and connectors into USB cables, to plug into any console or PC with USB ports.  The packaging also claims that the games are compatible with "singing games, like Disney Sing It, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero".  I figured I had nothing to lose, so I bought them, in addition to SingStar 80s and Singstar ABBA for the PS TWO. 

I tried the microphones immediately with the PS2, hoping that the "Singstar microphones required" label on the game wouldn't be necessary with these universal microphones.  But alas, a message came up saying "USB converter not detected."  I decided to go a bit further and see if I could play the game anyway, but the game will not let me get into a song, either, coming up with the same message instead.  And yes, I turned the microphones on, but no dice.

I then thought, "Okay, maybe they're compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour." (again, for the PS TWO).  I tried it and didn't get any error message, but the game does not seem to detect any sound at all through the microphones.  I am very disappointed (Is this my punishment for buying from a third-class company?).

I have yet to try the Wii as an alternative when I get the ABBA game... but I wanted to know first:

Does anyone else know about this particular microphone and whether or not it can work with the SingStar games or Guitar Hero World Tour for the PS2?   OR, if I buy just the USB converter for the Singstar microphones, is that likely to solve my problem with either/both games?

I will keep trying and researching options, but any and all help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!!!


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