Jan 20 2012
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Seeking female vocalist to create our own songmaterial

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Hello everybody,

I am looking for a female vocalist who would like to work with me to write and sing lyrics to the instrumental tracks I will make for her.

A bit about myself:

I used to make dance/house/electronic music with synthesizers in the past, but for a while I did not create any songs anymore, due to other hobbies, my busy marriage life etc. Lately I am interested again to start creating songtracks again, and I would like to work with vocals. So I am looking for a female vocalist that can (preferably) write the lyrics and sing the vocals to my instrumental tracks. As I live in the Netherlands – Europe, I wanna do this completely the digital way….so the location where you live does not matter: The styles of music that I would like to create can be actually diverse. I can create house/ dance and electronic styles, but I am also openminded for your ideas and wishes as well. Be aware that all sounds in a song will be created by synthesizers, so I can not recreate typical guitar-based rocksongs by example.

What I am looking for in a vocalist:

-     Decent singing voice.

-     The will to write your own lyrics to the instrumental songs I send to you

-     Technically able to record your vocal parts (at home) and send your vocals to me as mp3.

-     Age 20+.

If you are interested or if you have any questions, then feel free to message me for more info.


Luzami Music

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