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Nov 14 2012
By: Chubaka357 First Son 6 posts

Some songs cannot be purchased at all

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I have been trying to purchase "When I'm Gone" by 3 Doors Down but I am not able to.  It appears on the website in a few countried but not in the United States catalogue.  However, when I'm on the PS3 SingStar I switch to one of the countries that has it available on the website and it doesn't appear.  For example, on the website France and Spain show this song.  But when I go to the game and switch to France or Spain, the song does not appear.

Can anyone help me ?


Does anyone know why there are more countries on the website than on the game? 

What is the purpose?

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Re: Some songs cannot be purchased at all

Nov 16, 2012

added a thread in support, you might want to mention this there as well as I'm sure they will be working on a fix soon


here is link

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