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Jan 12 2013
By: Yew_cant_c_me First Son 14 posts

Watched live-stream - looks great!

0 replies 101 views Edited Jan 12, 2013

So I watched the 2 hour livestream of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time at IGN, and I must say, the game looks great! I cannot wait to play it, and will be pre-purchasing very shortly. Anybody who hasn't seen the gameplay footage, go check out IGN's video, it really does look quite nice:


As a long time Sly fan, it really seems like Sanzaru tried their best to make the game look and feel like a Sly game re-born on the PS3. Hats off to you Sanzaru, I can't wait to play it.


P.S. Please offer DLC for Sly 4 after its release. I know there are TONS of fans out there who would pay for DLC if the game lives up to what I think it will.

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