Jun 07 2013
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Patch 1.06 released 6/7/13

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Hey everyone.


We just released a new patch (1.06) that addresses the unfortunate crash for new users on PS3.


Specifically the changes are...


Fixed: Patching issue with 1.05 that interrupted the initial save process

Fixed: Moving ramp surface from screen to screen no longer causes a crash


Fixed: An issue that caused a crash when entering the community with Russian selected as default language

Various additional stability improvements and bug fixes.


Please keep posting any issues you encounter to this forum.



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Re: Patch 1.06 released 6/7/13

Jul 8, 2013

I'm still getting sync errors ;-; and the trophies are glitching on me. After i atempted to sync mulitple times i seemed to have gotten a trophy for each time i did it help DX

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