May 05 2013
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High Velocity Bowling is missing its video

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Hey, all:


Just fired up HVB after a long hiatus. It's been updated to version 2.0. Here's the problem: no video! 


The game appears fine in the XMB. When I launch it, the game goes through the Move warning screens. After that, the screen goes black. The sound launches, and if I stab at the buttons, the game reacts (launch game, choose characters, etc.) but I literally have a black screen.


I tried deleting the game and re-installing to no avail. I don't have any Move equipment installed. Anyone else run into this problem? TIA for any help.

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Re: High Velocity Bowling is missing its video

May 5, 2013
Fixed. Forgot to mention I had taken to the nieces and nephew's house for the night. They have a 3D TV and I don't. Apparently, HVB must have somehow still though it was connected to a 3D tv. Which is weird, because AFAIK, it was never launched.

I did a hard A/V reset by holding down the PS3's power button. Details can found here:

Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this problem.
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