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Mar 31 2013
By: davidorrig First Son 1 posts

SSX or SSX tricky on PSN

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Hi, I have a request for you Sony people and EA Games as well.

Is there any way you could make SSX tricky available on the PSN store! Why? Well several times I've tried the new games, and they keep disappointing.

I'm longing for a real challenge. The new games have a way too easy gameplay, übertricks are way easy to pull off, landing is as pie and grinding is a laugh.

I also want to challenge my friends on one console. What's up with no split-screen? Games like SSX and FIFA for example are "no" fun when you play alone, but when you invite a buddy over and you fight 'till the very end for glory and the sweetness of a win. That's what's gaming is all about.

I miss Marty and the real Kaori, Elise, Luther and Moby, those were real characters you could be passionate about. Not some buffed-up, fake, and dull "surfing or motorcrossing" steroidmountains none of which have special characteristics.

Please, make these old classics available for us PS3 players!

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