Nov 12 2010
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Battlefront Cursed? "Battllefront Online" "Scrapped"

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 Theres the link to the story. Its kinda old so i maybe off but...


I dont understand these things at all. Ive seen countless great franchises cut short despite all there "best selling" status. The NFS Underground series and Battlefront are both huge losses for me. I still play BF2 more then anything on my ps3, but sadly it looks like thats all im ever gonna have.


They just will not put out another battlefront 

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Re: Battlefront Cursed? "Battllefront Online" "Scrapped"

Nov 19, 2010

yea i saw that a while back, i would have loved, it,

i like the force unleased series but honestly, its missing the trooper element, like, i know attack of the clones wasnt that good but the ending changed the meanig of star wars, the clones were EPIC cool

the thing is which storyline would they incorporate if they made a full fledged game (not just online)

The things also is that BF1 was released at the same time as the SW DVD set and so fueled the hype, also BF2 was released the same year as Episode 3

what would they do now to capture peoples attention, that is the main problem i believe

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