Jun 21 2011
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Starwars Battlefront Elite and renegade squadron online being taken over by cheaters

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its been almost 4 years that cheaters ruin renegade squadron and then elite squadron by ending games online before they even start.Seriously one time i was playing nicely with 13 other dudes and then a cheater/hacker whatever their called just came in and shot everyone and when we spawned again the sae thing and nobody was able to play and/or exit the game.Another time one of them with a snowtrooper head and body of a droid came out of nowhere and blasted me with a bzillion rockets.But the worst part was when he blasted orbital strikes all over the map... it was pretty cool but at the same time annoying.And i cant believe PSN hasnt put an update to ban hackers from using the online part of the game.

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