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Andromeda Info

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Hey Guys,


So I wanted you guys to know some things about Andromeda Galaxy. This is only a start for the Universe and I will be making more planets, races, history, and much more. You guys will also be making this universe. I don’t want it to just be me building this amazing galaxy. You guys can give your own impute, ideas, stories, and art help build this to something really big. I am going to be working on a business degree and then an animating degree and I would love to make this into a game.


Down below is some info for you guys to know before I post the sneak peak.


Note: This page will be updated with more info as I continue to build the Galaxy with my own stuff and your stuff. 




Planets and Races:

As of right now I only have a couple of races and planets made, but more will be made. *


Koutesh: Hot and dry. Has oceans but is mostly made up of deserts. (More descriptions at a later date for Koutesh.)

Races and Tribes:


Kouteshins: Kouteshins are a savage people. They do not have eyes but slime that gives them vision like a predatorilmtomclancyssplintercell005.jpg(Example)

. They kill and ask questions later kind of people. There are different tribes of Kouteshins, but I will be going over two for right now.


Vendagens: Vendagens are a hunting tribe. They excel in killing. Their arms are spiked blades with skin cutting ends.  They can cut trees down with these blades and slice a human in have with just one strike. They are fast and prefer to stay on dry land, but they can also swim and breathe under water.


Menokens: Menokens are more like humans than the Vendagens. They have arms and hands and not blades. They cannot breathe under water nor do really thing that Vendagens can, but they are highly intelligent and have powerful tech. Their cities are not like any of Andromeda. Their cities lie on giant Acnides, which are like giant Cockroaches, which are always moving during the day. They rest at night. Their cities are made of mooch, which is kind of like a muddy substance but can easily be melted and moved to somewhere else, which gives them an advantage during war.


Saben: Saben is relatively similar to Earth but has a much higher animal life and is not as close to the sun and Earth is, thus having much more snow caps and ice. There will be deserts, but they will be few amounts of them.


Races and Tribes:


Humans: Well the humans are just like humans in our real world, but they have a lot more advanced tech then we do today. There will be all the humans’ races in here that we have on Earth.


Quaton: Massive frost planet with not dirt, no oceans, just snow and ice.


Races and Tribes:

(For right now I don’t really have any races for this planet.)


Animals: (Will be updated on a later date)


*One thing to note is that these are where the races originate, but they will be scattered around the galaxy. So it’s not like you won’t see humans on Koutesh or Kouteshins on Saben.


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Re: Andromeda Info

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Great job:smileyhappy:

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