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Re: Defence to Offence

Jan 7, 2013

theDemolisher13 wrote:

Hi there I'm theDemolisher13 and I have been gone from this game for about 1 or 2 mounths and just got back to it yesterday and my idea blogging of it. Yes this is an idea blog. Now one thing I have found out is this game at the time being is really good for attack not so much for defence. Now I have a few ideas on how to get back to the well balcas out game that we all know and love. I currently only have 3 at the time being and will put out more if they come to mine.


1 Add AIs to gard you respawning area, and I already know what a few of you are going to say about that and I have to ask you this. If you hate the idea of an AIs in a molyplayer game then why do you accept the atomic turrets there AIs too?


2 Add new defencive vehicles/buildings like for example, a railgun turret that has short to meduim rang of aftiveness and can destroy a tank with one hit at short rang and does 90% damage on one at meduim and 2X the stranth of a beam turret. But to keep it as a defence wepon it can only be place in your teams respawn area and has a (long) reload time, or a heavy grizzly that is 4X the stranth of the avvage grizzly and can shoot two guns. one a lock on rocket missal lucher that can lock onto tank and jets and in the other hand a beam turret for infutry and meduim to small vehicles that can also transform into a stand alone turret that can take a lot more damage but can only shoot the beam turret. Also slow and bolky and can only transform once every 30 secents.


3 do some tweaks to some of the wepons like the torpedo for example, you can lock onto it to prevent the enemy to stop it dead in its tracks and that is in the game right now i think. But it's no good when the enemy waits till the last secont to shoot it. So to fix that problem just make it so if you shoot it and it stay in the air for like 1 to 5 seconts it will have the power of 1 RPG round or such. But it fired at a long rang so it say in the air for like 10 to 15 seconts it will wipe out the blas if it hits the bass before someone blows it up and even when friendly fire is off it will still kill team mate in coaght in the blas. But is they did more things like this it would make the game a lot better.


 Well that's all I got for now. Please let me know what you think of them, and yes I know they chance of them making it into the game are slim but who knows for sure.

Hey whats up old buddy.   Glad you decided to come back around.  

We aren't getting any more patches/tweaks though, LBI got laid off :smileysad:        However, that doesn't mean you can't post your cool ideas still!

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Re: Defence to Offence

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Jan 7, 2013

I know LBI got laid off but I still am going to post more ideas and such side maybe one day Sony might come back to this game. This game still has A LOT of putenchal left in it and I think it would be a bad move on Sony part to forget the hawk games (Warhawk and Starhawk) they are really well laid out games it just that Sony hasn't done there part to help them out that's why they keep failing. Well that's what I come up with every time I think of it. Oh before I forget even if these ideas never make it to starhawk I will have them all type down for me or others to use in the future

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