Jan 04 2013
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My Old Video Game!!!

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I use to be an ammatuer game designer, using free programs off the internet. The one I stuck with was called RPG maker, which, made RPGs. It took a lot of searching, but I mannaged to get the right "scripting" to make the RPG Maker make Side Scrollers like Castlevania. I have two old projects on my old Youtube. One is heavily Mega Man based, the other is Symphony of the Night based, but not complete rip-offs. 


Lavot Origins


Lavot Story



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Re: My Old Video Game!!!

Jan 4, 2013

Hey, I remember RPG Maker!  I never got anything actually finished in it, but I did make a couple of things in another title that the same developer released called "Fighter Maker".  It was pretty cool... but really dated at this point.


Here's a really short clip I recorded a long time ago while I was working on it... I never got around to recording anything from the finished product.

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