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Re: Newbie Roomie

Jan 12, 2013

Samokoske wrote:
Yea. the issue with teamswitching is the danger of clanstacking, and sore losers. In longer rounds though, one sided matches hurt, tonnes. I was suprised to see so many people stay through round 2, even though it was one sided. I think I should've kicked armyluke and the other guy that both raked 50 kills each.

Bad luke!

I was trying to just use a Galloway revolver, thats why I tried team switching.

When you said you were going to kick me I just hid under the map for the rest of the match. If next time I join, I'll get 20 kills (Unless CTF) then stay in my base and unless provoked I wont kill anyone else. But if team switch is on and the opposing team is losing badly, I'll gladly switch teams.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Newbie Roomie

Jan 13, 2013

XMBkick wrote:
That n00b r00m was full 0f n00bs just FYI

And one of them sounded like Barry White....but without the sex appeal

Alright...I'm flying now but I'm still really scared of heights.......and now flak!
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Fender Bender
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Re: Newbie Roomie

Jan 19, 2013
I'll be setting this up at 5 est today as ClusterFlak

this is me helping
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