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Jan 07 2013
By: sertyla Face of the WWE 1999 posts

Proving Grounds

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Why is the thread locked and is it still happening?

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Re: Proving Grounds

Jan 7, 2013
Its locked?!
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Re: Proving Grounds

Jan 7, 2013
Where's my legends title?! I want my symbol to be a torpedo lol
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Re: Proving Grounds

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Jan 8, 2013

Before the holidays I announced that the Proving Grounds Event woud be taking a hiatus until the new year. At that time I notified the powers that be as to who had won ranks and titles from the last event.  I can only assume that they had holidays off... which is why they were never updated.


Then things happened in my personal life that have disallowed me to continue the event.  I have notified the powers that be to remove the few names and titles that are left as the event is over. I apologize that the most recent event winners did not get updated with their rewards. Most in particular mrdurant35. He won 3 consecutive events of varying loadouts and modes and would have carried the title of "Starhawk Legend" on the forums for a period of time.


I don't think very many people could argue otherwise. If they do... he participated and earned it.


I want to thank everyone who participated in the event, and I had intended on keeping it going for a long time. I had high hopes for the long term, I am dissapointed I cannot keep it going. Life gets in the way sometimes.


My sincere apologies and my deepest thanks to everyone involved in the Proving Grounds event.



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