Aug 17 2011
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Starhawk-themed headset for Collector's Edition

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I think a game like this where strategy is crucial should always be played with a good headset. Warhawk did a great service to the PlayStation community when Sony decided to bundle it with a headset back in 2007. I believe Starhawk should follow its steps and continue building an even stronger PSN community. So my idea for a Starhawk Collector's edition is to include a Starhawk-themed (logo and color) Official Sony Bluetooth headset. Of course this edition would also include DLC stuff, probably a big artbook and some other stuff, you know, the usual. But the Starhawk headset would make it really special and enticing not only for Warhawk veterans but also to PS3 new owners. What do you think? VOTE!

PS. This is the Official Headset I'm referring to here :

Although, if Sony wanted to really, REALLY, grab our attention they could make a bundle with this baby here :

Which one would you prefer if any, and what would be the highest price you'd pay for a Starhawk collector edition bundled with one of these? Be resonable.


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