Jul 21 2012
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Two types of Sidewinders.

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I thaught it would be pretty cool to have to types of Sidewinders,

A combat Variant

And the current one.

With the combat variant you can spawn two types,

the Missile type

or the Machine Gun type

The Missile type will only work well as an anti-vehicle / structure to prevent camping infantry with them.

And the Machine Gun type will only work well against infantry.


Pros of the Combat Variant :


They have flares.

They are more heavily armoured.


Cons of the Combat variant :

They go a little faster than the Razorback but slower than the average Sidewinder.

They're jump height is lower than the Sidewinder.

The MAW can lock onto them.

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Re: Two types of Sidewinders.

Jul 21, 2012

Not to entirely bash your idea, just constructive criticism, but I think that the combat sidewinder with missiles would be even stronger than a razorback, which takes at least 2 people to be as useful, and we can't have that. Sidewinders are by nature light vehicles, so making one with a bullet spraying hawk MG would be fine, since that would only be helpful in chasing other sidewinders (like flag runners for example), since they should not beat a razorback like I said, it's easier to just road kill troops and tanks hate sidewinders enough thanks to mines but an MG won't do much more. As for weaknesses, I think lockons will make them lose their only defense: agility, which would be nerfed anyway. I'm not sure since most of the guys I've seen on a sidewinder regularly use engine mods, but I think a razorback and sidewinder do have the same speed, but the bigger, more zoomed out vehicle just appears slower. In any case, I think it should be just slightly slower, a bit bigger hitbox, but no more health (again, the sidewinder's defensive strategy is to not get hit). One more thing about sidewinders I mentioned before was possibly introducing a version with a single sidecar, allowing for one additional passenger that can use weapons, creating a smaller, less conspicuous form of group transport from a huge ol' jeep that can properly infiltrate a base.


Just my opinions. Try to let them sink in, but good work on the idea. I hope to hear more of your ideas.:smileyhappy:

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Re: Two types of Sidewinders.

Jul 21, 2012

OO that's kinda creepy, I literally saw this seconds after posting my own, comparable idea here:


Yeah, I agree, there should be some sort of bike that can fire while moving. In my suggestion I had a front-mounted stun cannon and a back seat for a passenger using the infantry weapons, similar to the passenger seat on the Razorback, maybe those would work with your idea here.


I think they should insure that the normal Sidewinders always have a place, however, and perhaps they could speed up the non-Combat Variant to make up the difference if they added these.


Great suggestion by the way :smileyhappy:

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Re: Two types of Sidewinders.

Jul 21, 2012
Why not add a sidecar or something on the back that is a 360 degree spinning turret. Like the razorback, but only have your character sitting? Kind of like an AA gun on an older war ship?


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