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Apr 07 2013
By: SAV1ORSELF Sackboy 638 posts

Capcom vs SNK 2 to be released late April on PSN

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According to sources with Capcom, the much lauded fighting game is scheduled to be released as a PS2 Classic on the PSN late this month. Although there is no official word, the designation as a PS2 classic indicates no netcode for online play, however nothing has been officially confirmed and one can only hope that the feature is included.

(Source article)


This is one of the all time best pure fighting games in my opinion and I for one am extremely excited to play my favorite fighter again, regardless of online play or not. I personally feel this game should have received the HD and Online treatment the same way that SF3: Third Strike did. 


Is anyone else out there as excited about this as I am? Also, if anyone has any word on whether online play will be included please drop a link to your source.

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