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Oct 09 2012
By: DaPikmin Monster Hunter 35 posts

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Partner?

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Hello, I got Dead Rising 2: Off the Record a few days ago, and I'd love it if I can find someone who will assist me in the story mode, as in, ALL of the cases + some side missions.


Starting from the beginning of the game, all the way to the end. Sure it may take some days due to my time able to play, but it'll be fun won't it?


I'm usually available to play every day at around 6:30 pm, and at weekdays I must stop playing at 10 or around 10 pm.


I haven't played the game through really much since I kind of failed my first case so if anyone will fill this position, please post. :smileywink:



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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Partner?

Oct 21, 2012

I'm going to buy it and would be happy to join you but I unfortunately don't get on to the network until after 10pm. Good luck finding someone to play with.

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