Mar 21 2012
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survival horror game ideas

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i have been sittin around thinking, gamers need a new horror game.

my idea starts out as a person tied too a chair, in a dark basement.

he gets free and has too escape the 100 floor underground structure he is in.

monsters, demons, bosses, zombies litter every floor.

the first room starts out as a guy/girl tied to a chair, blindfolded in a dark room.

in that room there are 12 doors, each door branches out in to this large underground maze of rooms end on end.

choosing the right door from room one is crucial.

everything in each room is interactive, can be used as a weapon or a way into another room.

hidden clues help the escapee find his way thru to the top.

with this game i would have too say there are multiple ways of escaping but there is only one way out.

the escapee has one chance at surviving, if u die u begin where u last saved.

i wish they made a game like this.

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Re: survival horror game ideas

Mar 22, 2012

I'll buy it if I can customize the crap out of the main character. lol. That would be a great idea for a game especially if the developers mixed up the rooms. One could be filled with a ton of monsters and then you have a whole row of rooms that are empty but very creepy and foreboding.

Personally, I want a game with the same mechanics as Heavy Rain, but about an exorcism. Nothing cheesy like Constantine or The Last Exorcism but subdued and thought provoking like Blatty's The Exorcist.

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