Apr 03 2013
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3rd person camera with a 1st person vision


Explained: Is played in a 3rd person view, but enemies/objectives can only be seen from the 1st person view of the character being controlled. Character degree of sight should be no more than 180 degrees, as a real person in life would see.

Examples: If there is a enemy behind the character and the 3rd person camera is facing behind, you will not see the enemy unless you make the character turn to look. . Another common example would be the character facing a corner of a wall where the camera can see down the hall. if a enemy is coming down the hall, you wont see him unless the character leans over the corner.

Purpose: a new innovative multiplayer mechanic with potential, more strategic and stealthy gameplay, more real without sacrificing 3rd person view. Prevent camping  around corners to suprise jump incoming enemies 


Games: would be fitting for socom, syphon filter type games. strategic third person shooters.


Tried to post in ps idea section but was limited to 200 characters. Had this on my mine forever so ill just post it here and maybe a dev would see it and might find interest. 


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