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Dec 08 2013
By: Arc-Depth First Son 1 posts

Left Behind DLC, Co-op possibility?

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I love the last of us, everything about the game is excellent. But one thing I'd really enjoy seeing is an option for cooperative play, with the new dlc coming out I see a great opportunity to at least give the option. Just imagine, one player as ellie the other as rue, it could be similar to uncharted 3's coop adventure mode. even a coop mode added with dlc would be nice. You and you're friends working together with limited supplies trying to either kill or avoid infected. This is just an idea but maybe others would agree?

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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Left Behind DLC, Co-op possibility?

Dec 8, 2013

I wouldn't hold my breath.


"Technical Difficulties" - ie ND is too lazy to implement Coop into TLoU.

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Last Guardian
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Re: Left Behind DLC, Co-op possibility?

Dec 8, 2013
It would be possible, since Riley is there. But Joel and Ellie didn't have co-op so don't get your hopes up.


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