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Re: Water Movement

Jun 21, 2013

EyeCue86 wrote:

Pheist_Ewon wrote:

There is only one feature in The Last of Us that brought me out of the experience, briefly; the water and liquid movement.


Watching the cinematic for Twenty Years Later, I first noticed the strange behavior of liquid. In the bottle of alcohol on the table, that Tess just poured a drink from, the liquid kept moving; even after it would, by physical definition, stop moving. I dismissed it as, maybe, Tess was just really shaking the table by leaning on it.


The part that really tore me away from this world was the beginning of Fall, near the river. I noticed the river and was taken by it; so much that I stopped to watch it. What I noticed was there were no cross currents. Where the current should be cutting into the shore from the middle, it was not. Water seemed to be flowing straight out of invisible seems in the rocks. So, I walked up stream a bit more to the dam and noticed the same behavior. Water was flowing, as a current, from the metal and not from the origination of the river.


Here is a YouTube video by gameoxotv. It is not mine, but has a great shot of what I am talking about. The water flowing from rocks is from the 1:03 - 1:06 mark. From the 3:30 to 3:40 mark, you can see that the water acts like there is no concrete in the way to redirect it or cause spray upon collision.


This behavior continues in the flooded tunnel in Spring. The water seems to flow without a source and the liquid movement keeps rocking, like the bottle of alcohol, when there is not a source for the motion.


I was wondering if this was for performance issues or perhaps the only way the physics could work, in these cases, to get the maximum water effect.


Any feedback about this effect and physics would be appreciated. I have watched the video of the behind the scenes, that came with the season pass, and noticed the care that was given to each portion of the game. Water was never addressed, but lighting, sound, acting, directing, and music were. I really enjoyed everything about The Last of Us.


I have been a gamer for 27 years. This is, by far, one of my top 3 favorite (possibly first place) and most emotional experiences in gaming.

Prepare to get slaughtered by the ND groupies, buddy boy.

Except he isn't talking trash about the game and presents a valid point.

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Re: Water Movement

Jun 21, 2013

Since we are talking about crazy nitpicking, let's talk about those grass shaders.......

The Last of Us: 96% Metacritic!!!
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Re: Water Movement

Jun 21, 2013

I think its stupid how theres no option to pick up and strangle ellie



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Re: Water Movement

Jun 21, 2013

Thanks. I'm glad people can actually read what I am saying here. One thing that is presenting in the Grounded video is that ND actually requires developers to be blunt with each about things they notice. I am not being mean here nor am I saying disparaging things about this game. As I have stated, it is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite game I own. I have a collection of about 400+ games on various systems; and yes, some include Atari 2600.


I have owned and played every ND game since Crash Bandicoot on PSone. I bought that system when it was released and that was my favorite series. I own the collection of Jak and Daxter. The Uncharted series had been my favorite games, until this one.


I am looking forward to throwing my money and time at ND with their future releases. *HINT* They even mention Ellie as a grown up and this is really her foundation story. Maybe this is a hint at future games. This is big for me. I look for games to pass to my children, much like books. I want a strong and empowered female and Ellie is the best thing that has happened to gaming.


So, my original post about the water was in relation to the video I watched, that comes with the season pass. Watch it, if you have not. I am a gamer that, when I find a masterpiece like this, I buy copies for people I know and everything that comes with it.


I want people to understand, this water comment is more about finding why it behaves like it does. When ND discusses choices with lighting, AI, and even UI, they present reasons why things were changed or cut, and how it affected the resources and memory. As a programmer, I understand these decisions. I just wanted to know if it was a decision based on limited resources, limitations with the current engine, or chosen because of difficulties in implementing multilayered water effects and currents. Again, I was only taken out of the game for a moment. It did not "ruin" anything for me. Until that moment, I was completely sucked in, adrenaline and all. There are just reminders, with limitation in technology, that I have a controller in my hand. It broke the fourth wall for me (look the term up, if you are unaware of its meaning).


Having said all that, I am playing through on the new game+. I literally beat it and then started again. For me, The Last of Us is not a game, but a masterful and engrossing experience.


I just want to be clear on my original post being more of a query. If people do not "read" by compliments about the game and only see it as a rant, then I cannot help that. This is not a rant, but just an inquiry into the technical and development side of things. Seriously, watch the video if you have the season pass already purchased.


I love that they included a feature to watch all the cinematics back to back. Fantastic. I really have a huge respect for this game and even the actors. Troy Baker shows such humility in the video with regards to the director.


As far as the other things being mentioned in this game, as detractors, those didn't bother me or distract from the experience.

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