Mar 24 2014
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a little help here

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okay how do you do guys, i hope you're all well, today i wanted to ask a few questions from you guys, which are an advanced players, so here's what :

" i was playing hard right now, i completed 2 easy mode, and one 47% normal, from normal mode i have learnt that pittsburgh water basement hotel has a bloater and few stalkers on it, this is where i was actually about to play "


but i was kinda scary thinking that there would be bloater chasing you around in a tight dark basement, with there also be a stalker, scratching your face, and hold you onto wall where you have to press square over and over again, meanwhile while you pressing that button, the bloater is coming closer to you.. 


i did some browsing about that, you know information right now is critical xD .. i heard people were saying that basement bloater is the hardest one, and after about 30 minutes for browsing and youtube, i wanna verify those at this forum.. plz bear with me Smiley Very Happy


1. people were saying that there wouldnt be single infected until you juice up that generator? is it real?

2. where would bloater possibly come from? there are bunch of ideas, i was confused?

3. here comes the important one, i heard people are saying " dont run straight to exit keycard door or you will get biggest suprise " .. what does this mean, are we going to meet bloater there? if so we're finished, with stalker chasing and bloater guarding the door, joel will get his jaws ripped.. so i wanna ask if its true or not?? 


thank you guys for the cooperation, for the information, and your kind heart to answer honestly, thank you very much, and i hope the best of luck for you xD Smiley Happy

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Re: a little help here

Mar 24, 2014
When I did it on normal I killed the bloater before opening the door. On survivor, there are 3-4 stalkers around after you pick up the key card. Then when I turn on the generator I run straight for the door and yes you will get a surprise because tge bloater is in that hallway but you can run straight past him. Easy Smiley Tongue
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Re: a little help here

Mar 24, 2014

There will be a few runners before you do the generator I think on the upper floor but nothing crazy.


Every time I have played this bit (hard and survivor) I have just done the generator and then run straight to the keycard door. Nothing is close enough to get you so long as you **bleep** straight up there and there's really no point wasting your supplies on the bloater and his chums...


So yeah as for your question 3... No, whoever told you that is wrong, just go for it.


Have fun!

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Re: a little help here

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Mar 24, 2014

I've had no issues with this on Survivor difficulty, or any difficulty for that matter. Before you fire up the generator, check where the exit is, try and open the door. Try, and open it because you won't have to attempt to open it later, Joel will just use the security key card right away. Grab the security key card before anything else, turn around right away. Pull out your bolt action rifle, stalkers are 1 hit kill so save your shotgun shells. There are exactly four stalkers that will try to rush you, one at a time. You can stay in the doorway, and they'll charge you, you don't even have to move.


After you've killed them, juice up the generator, pull out your shotgun and sprint for the door, you may have to kill one or two stalkers, but if you keep sprinting, you can avoid the bloater completley, and get through with minimal damage, if any.

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