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Mar 30 2014
By: russianboi500 Monster Hunter 31 posts

nice fan made short film

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You may or may not have seen this, but I really like the short story they were able to tell through this short film..I've got to admit, the acting isn't great but the story and setting are really nice.  also I like how its in a Firefly point of view...because I think it would be interesting if we had an official story that follows a Firefly,

"But we fight...for every second we get to spend with each other. Whether its two minutes...Or two days...We don't give that up."
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Re: nice fan made short film

Mar 30, 2014

To be honest, it's the first fan-made movie that I really liked. And the acting isn't that bad, I mean, compared to some shows on TV nowadays, it's even great! :smileyvery-happy:

Art by Janice Chu
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