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Aug 21 2013
By: DEATH__MACHINIST Survivor 2127 posts

My experiment.

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Over this weekend I decide to try an experiment with hopes in getting a different view on this game and to see things in a different light.


I started this multiplayer from scratch with a new account that I used to use when playing U2 with my wife and only her.

With this new account I wanted to see this game from a " no party " no " sar" view.

This new account would solely be a hunting rifle play though.


The very first thing I noticed which I had not before because I always play in a party of four, was in the no-party play list that match making is the worst I have EVER seen in a multiplayer.

This is the kind of match making that you see on private servers on Battlefield where admins purposely stack teams so they can inflate their KDR and score per min.

These servers often get reported an in many cases get shut down.


Not the case for this game.

I could not believe how bad this actually was.

I was rank zero and teamed with two level 1's and another zero.

The other team was a 140, 68,94, 87.

Yes you heard me right.

I played three matches of this and the game kept these very same teams, never balancing them out.

Every single one of the enemy team had covert training on, and I'm pretty darn sure the team I was with has no idea what covert even does.


So I left after several matches with them to see if this was a glitch.

Low and behold this kept happening again and again.

All lower levels were almost always partnered together leaving them to get destroyed by high ranking players.

If this wasn't my second acct and I was new to this game I would have probably sold it based on this.



My whole point of this acct. was to get a good feel with the hunting rifle from a beginning state.

I wanted to level the boosters up using it and see what it was like.


On my main acct. I mainly use the sar, and pretty much only the sar, and also with a revolver only load out.


I have gotten pretty solid with the hunting rifle playing non stop with it over the weekend, but solid is one thing, and being able to use it effectively in the game is another.


The hunting rifle is seriously out classed.

I'm not calling for a nerf of any gun, not what I'm getting at.

The hunting rifles cons far out way its pros.

Scope time is terrible, reload terrible, ammo count terrible, and upgrade cost terrible.

In my opinion it only becomes useful upgraded twice.


Getting lucky games on new players does not constitute this gun a being on a level with other weapons, which is mostly what I see in any video where some one is doing good with it.


The hunting rifle needs some serious looking at.

My opinion on this is that this gun should lose either the scope time or reload time to make it on par with other weapons.

Both a long scope time and long reload time make this gun extremely unbalanced.

The damage wobble even with sharp shooter destroys this weapon as well.

When scoped even trying to kill a burst rifle user from across the map is difficult when one bullet will send you aim into outer space.


I'd like to add more here but my lunch break is up.

I did this so I could get a unbiased view on this weapon, from a fresh perspective.

Anyone else disagrees, then try this how I did.

Create a new account, play alone, and play with this weapon on every map.

You'll find even on what would be sniping maps that this gun does not fit the role it should, and like I have said in previous posts we cant nerf other peoples likes but buffing things that fall between the cracks will go a lot further.



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Ghost of Sparta
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Re: My experiment.

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Aug 21, 2013

I agree that bad team balancing is a ND staple. It shouldn't be that hard to fix it...


The HR needs a slight buff.
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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013
I have seen the posts of people claiming the matchmaking was bad but myself not getting to see this. On this new acct. I would never have dreamed that it was THAT bad.
It is worse than i have even seen on battle field when the admin is PURPOSELY team stacking. Again this is the no party playlist.
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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013

I wonder, as I play no parties everytime and even though we have a bad balance sometimes, the teams with the same guys in the lobby change every game. :/

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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013

i don't think it balances them at all. It basically has 8 guys, throws them in a hat, mixes them up, randomly pulls out 4 then bam thats team 1 and team 2 the other.

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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013
My experience with the no parties list doors not mimic yours.

I play it almost exclusively, and I find teams do get shuffled, and some matches are lopsided, some extremely close.

Matches in general are far closer in no parties than with a po3 or po4, where my team invariably annihilates people.

I find the HR fine, but its map dependent, sure. You must play differently. You can't run and gun with it, but you can use it to mark, down and suppresses enemies for your team.

As a solo player I find it quite effective stalking the edges of maps like lakeside, bills town or dam, and picking off enemies, stragglers if normal, anyone if silenced.

Is it a standard combat attn like the sar or br?? No. its a purpose built weapon, and performs that purpose well. I used it exclusively for the first 2-3 Weeks of release, and loved it. And that wad with zero understanding of the game.

The Biggest Lies

5.) The hats aren't the surprise.
4.) Mods knows what they're doing.
3.) It doesn't fit the world paradigm.
2.) I'm not in it for the money.
1.) The player pool will be consolidated.

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Uncharted Territory
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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013

NIce experiment.  Level balancing is off, but what seems to happen more often than not is:  First match will be unbalanced and lots of high levels on one team and lots of low levels on the other team.  Subsequent matches the levels seems to be a BIT more balanced.  I'm on level 160 so I often get ranked with very low players so it's hard to tell.


The HR is now my main gun (use the bow on smaller maps like Checkpoint and High school) simply because it's the most challenging and difficult gun to use in the game.  I very rarely use the SAR just because it's cheesy and easy.  


Like you stated with the HR: scoping is sluggish as h3ll, reload is godawful up until upgrade 2 (even upgrade 1 is abeit slow).


Other cons of the HR which I've ranted about before:

- This is a stealth based game which leads to a lot of surprise close quarter encounters, making the HR not useful in a lot of situations.  

- Ammo and supplies are obtained only if you run over to the dead body and pick it up.  So if I'm sniping someone half way across the map (where the HR is best at), I have to run over half way across the map giving up my sniper spot to get more ammo.

- If you are facing an SAR user from a long distance, if you do not land a headshot, the SAR will down you quicker than you can get off the second shot.

- The HR has a ridiculous "shimmer" when scoped in, giving away your position and making it easier for enemies to spot.  




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Hekseville Citizen
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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013

Well, matchmaking is awful. You think in No Parties Mode the game would try and seperate people based off their "level". However, due to ND saying rank isn't really rank, they obviously don't factor this into the matchup system.

And yes the HR is outclassed by a ton of weapons. I think a big reason for that has to do with how good the SAR currently is. It is so much easier to kill someone with a SAR then it is with every other weapon in the game.

So when you go from wh*ring out the SAR exclusively, to switching to the HR, you are bound to see how less then stellar the other weapons really are.

Make the Lvl 1 HR upgrade the base for the HR. Make what is now the Lvl 2 upgrade the Lvl 1 upgrade. For a Lvl 2 upgrade, the HR should get some kind of armor piercing ability. Thats how I'd buff it.

ND has already said they are looking into buffing the other weapons to make them more competitive with the SAR.

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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013
The sar does what a single shot semi auto does. Spending 1000's of hours on battefield where gun balance is excellent semi's do just that. I dont think it needs a nerf.
I feel the hunting rifle however does not fit into this game as it stands.

The semi, burst, revolver, bow, 9mm and shorty can execute you even before your scope can come up. This in my opinion should not be the case, even at long range i find the revolver and 9mm better (2 to the head downs).

This is touchy with a sniper because to much can easily make this a overpowered weapon.

As it stands having a long reload and long scope time I feel breaks this gun.
One of these should go.

My feeling is that it should be the scope time.
Being in cover, standing up to aim with this huge delay gets you downed by even a 9mm before your scope comes up, not just the sar. Upgrading should affect reload speed and scope zoom levels.
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Re: My experiment.

Aug 21, 2013
The only other thing i can think of is the scope speed depending on a hit landed. As of now even if you down some one they can easily crawl away before you reload a shot. Some thing on the lines of if your shot lands your second shot reload could be half the scope zoom time.
Even though movement is slow in this title gun battles are not. It should'nt take all day for your scope to come up.
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