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Re: The Reason The Burst Rifle Glitch Exists

Sep 26, 2013


Yeah Nerd Slapper I said about the head bit. As the recoil moves up the last bullet hits the head. So if it takes 6 bullets to break the body armour then only 4 bullets are hitting it. Im just guessing like you Nerd but its a interesting discussion. Would be good to have some responses from ND too.

ATTENTION :- On Gamefaqs forums you get modded when you have done something wrong but on Naughty Dog forums you and your thread sometimes gets modded when someone else does something wrong in your thread. How is it right to mod person A for person B's words? Because of Rizzlard7 starting trouble in the Do you Teabag Gesture thread he caused the author of that thread to get modded. I then got modded for starting a teabag thread because of Rizzlard7 previous comments my thread got deleted and I got modded even though no one had started anything in my thread. Being modded for what others say is wrong and mods shouldn't get away with it. lovely1rainbow has wrongly modded me twice for other peoples words.
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