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Oct 12 2012
By: jobjobplayrough Lombax Warrior 91 posts

On-Line Un-Locks Tips and Hints

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If you have been playing this game for a while this will NOT help you. This is geared towards any new players just starting out in the game. 


When you first start playing you will gain XP just like any other game. You are rewarded extra XP for things like killstreaks, killing a person on a kill steak, kills, ext. You only gain XP in Ranked rooms, you will get nothing from playing in unranked rooms (but you will already have access to everything.) Unlocks are set up into 3 Tiers. You must un-lock everything from 1 tier before you can advance to the next tier. This includes all the skin packs with in that tier.

Tier 1 has a large amount of Items to un-lock before you are able to get to Tier 2.


1. Un-lock Killstreak Rewards First - Look I know there may be a vehicle you want but Kill-Streaks are such a vital part to this game because they reward you with outstanding bonus. Go for them 1st. I would go +2 then +3 just because at this point you might have issues building a +3 Killstreak. 

      +2 Killsteak - gives you full energy and turbo. This will help you stay alive. The Energy is the biggest key here. 

      +3 Megaguns - Basicly one of the most powerfull weapons in the game. There isn't a lot of Megaguns layin around in the maps.


2. If you are not confortable with the "default" vehicles and would like to unlock another vehicle you can do that now. The List of vehicles to choose from you get Meat Wagon, Junkyard. Dog, Vermin, Roadboat, Roadkill and Crimson Fury.

   - I personally would go JYD, Meatwagon, Roadboat, Vermin, Roadkill, Crimson Fury. Look I like to go fast just as much as the next guy but in this game Rams are such a powerfull move that you might need a larger vehicle just to survive. The first 3 you can pretty much pick witch one you are most comfortable with. The Last 3 are the "Light" Vehicles of the bunch. But I would defantly go Fury as the last. He is an advanced syle of vehicle that you can die in real quick. And at this point in the game its about getting Kills. To each thier own!!


3. Energy Attacks/ Sidearms - Basicly its totally up to you at this point each as a positive and a negative. 


5. The skins of Tier 1 - YES YOU HAVE TO UNLOCK BEFORE YOU CAN GO TO TIER 2, stinks yes but you got to no way around it.


Tier 2


My biggest peace of advice for this tier is to get Turbo-Dash as soon as you can!!! next go with Killstreaks then maybe a Vehicle or 2 then Rocket Side arm and Rear Freeze Attack.  Then it is really up to you at this point. But I don't think I can stress this enough is to get the TURBO-DASH 1st then the KILLSTREAK +4.  then those o so lovely skins. 


Tier 3

Go however you want, but Killsreak +5 then Absorbstion Shield is what I would recommend.


As Far as Warthog and the Laser Pistol go.


          Laser Piston - Unlock for completing single player on Twisted Diffeculty

          Warthog - Completing single player on Twisted with all gold medals

                  - This can be very challanging, it took me several hours of frustrating playing to get this. Warthog isn't a must need vehicle in this game, some say he is the worst. But if you get stuck and can't get past a certian area their is always youtube to help you.


I hope this might help some of the new players, As I hope to see some new faces in this multiplayer! It is addicting if you just give it a chance.

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Re: On-Line Un-Locks Tips and Hints

Oct 12, 2012




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Re: On-Line Un-Locks Tips and Hints

Oct 13, 2012
Good post jobjob.
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