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May 25 2012
By: ANTROPOMORFO First Son 8 posts

Physical Release Game VS Digital!

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I think it benefits all the AAA games are released in both digital and physical format.

But because it does not happen? I still do not understand!

I put $ 100.00 in monthly playstation store and want to buy Binary Domain, StarHawk 2, Resident Evil, Max Payne, Dogma Dragons, and other games, but I can not. I want to buy and play releases as I did with the amazing Mass Effect 3.

The physical store is to sell only old games?

I want the fantastic world of Playstation games on PSN now!

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Re: Physical Release Game VS Digital!

Jun 12, 2012

I agree.  It seems that more and more retail games are becoming available online, so that's a start for Sony.

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