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Re: What hardware do you use to record live multiplayer matches at 720p?

Mar 15, 2013

munnsy1 wrote:

PeteX19 wrote:

munnsy1 wrote:

@munnsy1 Was that statement to me? The laptop does have a HDMI slot.

Anyone, I was thinking of buying a Elgato but I have not done one bit of research, my computer is too far away and my laptop does not have a HDMI slot.


Is that needed to work the Elgato?

Ah I see.

It goes PS3 component to Elgato then it splits to two places:

The first output routes back to your PC monitor/TV via HDMI so you can see what you're doing.
The second output links to your computer via USB.

 That's how I understand it right now. Will know better in a week or two when I have it all set up Smiley Happy

Check the link:!/be-the-best

Shucks to that then. I just feel bad asking my friend to record everything, lol.

You could always buy a usb to HDMI adapter...

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Re: What hardware do you use to record live multiplayer matches at 720p?

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Mar 15, 2013

@RyukDG Ha, I can happily report the laptop is awesome as I'm using it right now.

I've done more research into the Elgato and HD PVR and I've read stories of them both crashing out. All these products seem temperamental beasts. Do you think there's any connection with your USB problem? Elgato relies on it for power as well as sending video. Also I read it takes 4GB of RAM and with 8GB in my machine I thought I would be safe from the lag.

The reason I will probably go with Elgato is because of the software. It only needs to record 2 minute of footage at a time for what I need it to do. I've got to a point where I've read so much negative stuff about both of them I just need to pick one and go for it. Because of the extra features it will probably be the Elgato.

@Ferrari_1996 I had a medion desktop in the past, I think they're a German company. Seemed ok but I doubt I would get a laptop from them. Anyway I read ages ago that Lenovo build their laptops as one piece on the motherboard, like apple do. Because I didn't want any audio issues with humming etc I went for a Lenovo. Can tell you it's a beast of a laptop, I was just playing Portal 2 with everything turned up.

@Hielke6991 I've used windows 8 for two days and I quite like it. Metro is basically like an iphone on top of the desktop. Personally I have found most of the windows apps to be bad but because you can customize metro anyway you like, it does have it's uses. For example I have all my links to webpages, emails, documents and music all on one page and it's very fast going between them.

Desktop is still underneath minus the start button. I'm not missing the start button.

Keep in mind I used Vista before so a piece of dog **bleep** would of been an improvement on that OS. Ugh never again.

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