Mar 26 2013
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Need serious minded UNIT 13 co-op partner!

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My name is Walter.....,I use a VITA GAMING DEVICE.... PSN ID-- NomadRider1955......Im a 60 year gamer, who luvs gaming, Im looking for a dedicated, non-rager, no ego, no attitude, gaming partner for Unit 13 and Call of Duty Declassified.  Any age gamer welcomed, BUT my one request is that you DO NOT FRIEND ME JUST TO ADD ANOTHER NAME TO YOUR LIST!  Im looking for a serious gaming partner that wants to game, there is nothing more fustrating, than getting friended, and never hearing or gaming with these people.  SO IF YOU REALLY LUV THESE TWO GAMES AND NEED A REAL, FRIEND TO GAME WITH IM YOUR PERSON.  So friend request me with a real first name, time zone info,  and you must have atleast one of the two games i just mentioned...AND YOU MUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, AGAIN NO EGOS OR ATTITUDE GAMERS, I GAME TO HAVE FUN!.....

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