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May 28 2011
By: NecroButcher2011 Sackboy 624 posts

BulletStorm Reveiw (rate)

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Short story: You play a character named ''Grayson Hunt'' Who was part of an elite team named echoe giving orders by your general you have been un knowingly killing innocent people and now you are out to exact your revenge.

GRAPHICS: This game has pretty good graphics The blood and gore are very well textured and the scenery is beutiful even with a few limbs stuck in a tree or two.

GAMEPLAY: This is one of the most addicting games i have ever played i played it for 11 hours straight the first night i got it, the story is nice and in depth and the action?! never stops! lol The ADS(Iron Sights) Are very nice The combat is fun and doesn't get boreing like most games do there is also something different i mean i got a trophy for shooting a gang member in the Butt!

LASTING APPEAL: I have beating it twice with a total play time of 75 hours and i would play it again if i wasin't tied up in the awesome multiplayer

CONTROLS: Simple but yet smooth and very easy to master

PRICE: 48$ - Gamestop withouit edge card

SOUND: Very good sound very nice voice acting (Tritton ax180,Turtle beach Px21,TV speakers,Subwoofer tested All come out great)

THING THAT COUGHT MY EYE: You can kick your enemys Helps fend off the horde while doing that all so importing reloading or even if your just feeling like a good sparta joke. Each weapon has it's own special attack that i thought was really neat keeps the variety going. You have to be on your toes in this game there is always something that calls for fast reactions. This game has the best phrases lol!!

Over all this game is a Awesome buy you will not be dissapointed!


I would appreciate no flameing as i am new to reveiws so let me know how i did this is my 4th one.

List of phrases lol

Treat me nicely and i will return the favor :smileywink:

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