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Apr 05 2011
By: Cynella Lombax Warrior 143 posts

Crysis 2 Review

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Crysis 2

PS Home Gazette needed a Crysis 2 Game Review, who better to ask then someone well versed with not only Crysis, but with Call of Duty as well. If you are into shooters, this game just might end up topping your list of must haves this year.

Cynella: When Crysis first launched for the PC, you built a “Super” computer specifically for experiencing the game. Can you tell us how much you invested in your computer?

Gimpy16: Yikes, why do you have to ask that?!  Geez, probably enough to buy about 10 PS3s after it was all said and done.

How were the graphics on the PC version?

If you could run it at max settings, it was amazing.  Wide open environments rendered in real time.  Physics and destruction were simply awesome!  You could shoot down trees, and even shoot them down to smaller logs that could be used as a weapon.  Jump into strength mode and hurl the log at the nearest enemy, loads of fun!

With every huge PC game following, comes mod’s and modder’s. Did any user created content come out of the first Crysis?

This is where Crysis really started to become what it is known for today, it’s real time graphics that compare to some CGI animations!  There are many people who have been modding the first Crysis for over 4 years now.  The glory of this game wouldn’t be what it is today with out those modders.  Crytek took notice!  I watched as some of the top community modders were hired on to Crytek’s team over the past year or two.  Now, with their help, Crytek has done something AMAZING, they brought this mind blowing game to the consoles!

Now that Crysis 2 has finally arrived, how does the PS3 version measure up to the original PC version?

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